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Below are some of my favorite designs.  So start shopping at any of their locations or online.

Jewel Corner  Website

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Jewel Corner Website Website

Jewel Corner Facebook

Jewel Corner INSTAGRAM



Hello Everyone

Today’s post is all about Pause an exhibition of fine jewelry.

Devi jewels promoted two local jewelry designers Hania Kubari and Nour Al Naboulsi at DIFC Dubai for a evening of glitz and bling.

The designs were very soft and represented the emirates style.

My favorite piece was “The Hand Gesture” which is a silhouette of the iconic three-finger salute initiated by His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prim Minister of The United Arab Emirates. , as a symbol of advancement in the UAE.

 Nour Al Naboulsi IMG_7963

 Below are some pictures, Hope you all enjoy.

IMG_7968Devi Jewels